Just a little bit about me and my work

My work now
My paintings are simply my response to the landscape, I wish to express the emotions evoked by the places I love, give the viewer a sense of place, a reminiscence.
The sky, the play of light on water, the subtleties of colour in the landscape as the seasons change, these are all things that fascinate me, exploring ways of conveying the mood and essence of a place, my experience of and reaction to my surroundings.
The drama of far west Cornwall is a big love of mine and I split my time between Penwith and Gloucestershire.
Occasionally I work en plein air but my instinct is to gather material to take back to make work in the studio. I’ll happily tackle commissions, having worked for clients from Edinburgh to Atlanta, so please do get in touch if you would like to discuss a piece of work created especially for you.

Studied fashion at Cheltenham.
I have always been actively creative, from dabbling with ceramics, felting, watercolour paintings but painting seriously with acrylics is a recent thing for me.
During the first lockdown I discovered some old paints whilst clearing a cupboard and decided as I had time on my hands I would have a go.
From the moment I started to work I felt a renewed vigour and simply could not stop. My first pieces were postcard size but I quickly realised that working on a larger scale suited me better, allowing my energetic mark making to come to the fore and reflecting the energy I get from being in the landscape.
I am largely self taught although I did study art at A level and fashion at college.
I am lucky enough to have my work in a gallery, and have also had pieces in exhibitions in Cornwall.
Sales have taken my work to all four corners of the UK, America and Europe.